Monday: Out-of-equilibrium phases and dynamical scalings
  • Nicolo Defenu: High-order time crystal phases and their fractal nature
  • Cristiano Muzzi: Kibble Zurek mechanism in the long-range spherical model
Tuesday: Measurement induced transitions and non-Hermitean dynamics
  • Caterina Zerba: Measurement phase transitions in the no-click limit as quantum phase transitions of a non-Hermitean vacuum
  • Valerio Pagni: Sub-volume entanglement scaling in quantum circuit networks
Wednesday: Field theoretic methods
  • Nicolo Defenu: Lecture on Field theoretic methods in quantum physics.
Thursday: Entanglement and quantum technological applications
  • Andrea Solfanelli: Logarithmic, Fractal and Volume-Law Entanglement in a Kitaev chain with long-range hopping and pairing
  • Daniel Arrufat: Prethermalization of quantum long-range systems and their gravitational analog
Friday: Closing remarks and departure
  • Strategic Roadmap: Distribution of projects’ tasks and layout of next collaboration meetings.
  • Closing remarks


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